Traveline Cymru – New Database Supplier Support (023)


To support Traveline Cymru in reviewing their current database and in implementing their new system.


Traveline Cymru is a not-for-profit business funded by the Welsh Government, established in 2000 to deliver multi modal travel information to the general public. The company promotes the use of public transport by the country wide provision of free timetable information through contact centre, website, mobile browser and text messaging. Traveline Cymru is part of the national Traveline network of travel information services and collaborates with the other operators. The Traveline operators use two main suppliers. PTI Cymru decided to refresh the entire platform that delivers the travel information. This exercise had two distinct areas:

  1. The look and feel of the user interface when using the service
  2. The procurement process of a third party to provide travel, the candidates consisted of the four market leaders

Prior to appointing a new supplier, we were engaged to:

  1. Conduct a review of the existing infrastructure and data process
  2. Identify options available (including, but not restricted to, the approaches advocated by respondents to the tender process)

Issues / Challenges

  • The complexity and uniqueness of the system which involved small suppliers and small buyers
  • The very small number of experts who understand the technology meant it was difficult to obtain an expert who provided an understanding of the product on your customer’s side so the right questions can be asked of the supplier

Aims of the project

  1. Review and recommend changes to the current process, and infrastructure,  for collecting, analysing and checking data prior to being published
  2. Review and recommend changes to the process for interaction with VOSA , local authorities and transport operators to ensure 100% data submission
  3. Review and recommend changes to the way the travel information is provided, to the public, from the Call Centre, Text and Web journey plans with the aim to improve effectiveness
  4. Identify ways of reducing high cost software licenses payable to the supplier over the next 18 months

Measures implemented

Reviews as identified in the Aims above.


Following the review, the project went out to tender.

Learning points

Reemphasised the rigour required in the specifications before going out to tender especially in the IT industry.