Programmexpress – Programme Office Support (006)


Provision of Programme Office Support for large change programmes.


Programmexpress is a Web Based Portfolio, Programme and Project reporting tool, used by large corporates for over 10 years. Stonac supports Programmexpress with the provision of Programme Office Support.

Issues / Challenges

  • Project managers updating their projects on time
  • The availability of key users of Programmexpress for weekly update meetings

Aims of the project

To provide expertise and experience supporting senior management throughout the duration of complex projects whilst ensuring the skills developed are embedded in the company to benefit future projects.

Measures implemented

  • Devised and implemented a communication plan between users for project reporting
  • Administered and chaired weekly update meetings
  • Produced regular board reports


The support and monitoring facilitated by Programmexpress ensures:

  • Reduced risk
  • Cost control
  • Managing the delivery of benefits

Learning points

At the beginning of the project it is important that all of the involved parties fully understand the importance of the communication strategy and implications of failing to adhere to the process.