Programmexpress – Implementation and Training (093)


To support the implementation of Programmexpress to new customers through set up and training.


Programmexpress is a Web Based Portfolio, Programme and Project reporting tool, used by large corporates for over 10 years. We support Programmexpress with their implementation and training requirements.

Issues / Challenges

  • Understanding customer’s needs
  • Availability of users for training
  • Engaging all users to use the software effectively

Aims of the project

  • To tailor a generic package to specific customer requirements
  • To have all users trained and using the product effectively

Measures implemented

  • Implement the project plan
  • Establish user-names and passwords
  • Provide Access
  • Deliver training to users
    • 1-2-1’s
    • Group training sessions
    • Webinars
    • Provide follow-up documentation
    • Provide follow-up support


For PE:

  • Fully implemented software system delivering the monitoring and reporting requirements of the customer

For the customer:

  • Product in use

Learning points

Each customer has different needs and consequently, delivery of the training requires different methods.