Programmexpress – Development & Testing (081)


To support Programmexpress with its product development.


Programmexpress is a Web Based Portfolio, Programme and Project reporting tool, used by large corporates for over 10 years. We support Programmexpress with the development and testing of new product releases.

Issues / Challenges

  • Establishing customer requirements
  • To develop the product to meet requirements whilst maintaining its simplicity

Aims of the project

To continue to develop the software to improve usability, functionality and/or compliance.

Measures implemented

  • Agreeing and documenting development requirements with Programmexpress Managing Director
  • Agreeing timescales and producing development plan with software development company, Jemmac
  • Monitoring progress and providing feedback to all parties involved
  • Testing the updated version of the product ensuring any changes made a fully functioning
  • Updating the user ‘help’ function and training documentation
  • Sign off with developer and Programmexpress Managing Director
  • Communicating updates to customers and agreeing new version implementation dates


  • Customer receives an improved product
  • Continuous improvement of the product ensures its sustainability
  • Chance of expanding Programmexpress’s customer base improves
  • Increased licence sales at existing customers

Learning points

Balancing customer requirements against the business requirements of Programmexpress.