NSL – Abu Dhabi (031)


To support NSL with the set up of their Abu Dhabi operation.


NSL is a market leader in the provision of traffic enforcement and transport management services and is the largest employer of Civil Enforcement Officers, Parking Attendants and Traffic Attendants in the UK providing parking enforcement for more than 60 local authorities. In 2008, NSL won a contract to expand its operations in to Abu Dhabi in a joint venture with the Department of Transport. A joint venture called IMIM includes management of off street car parks, on street services, systems, a call centre, contract management and buildings.

Issues / Challenges

  • The main work of the project could not start until the contract was signed, i.e. major spend, recruitment, etc.
  • The ways of working in Abu Dhabi are different to the UK so assumptions based on UK services needed to be challenged
  • The overall timetable wasn’t confirmed until the later stages of planning which hindered starting work on some services
  • Credit cards use was much lower than the UK whereas mobile payments were higher meaning different payment options were required
  • The joint venture required that suppliers be sourced locally in Abu Dhabi
  • The difference in time zones and working week meant that contacting individuals required greater planning

Aims of the project

The aim of our involvement was to set up the governance of the implementation programme, prior to handover to a new Operations Director.

Measures implemented

The following high level plan was created:

  • Project Start Up
  • Project Initiation Stage
  • Stage One – Design and Initial Product Implementation
  • Stage Two – Full Service Roll Out
  • Stage Three – Project Closure


We supported NSL through to the completion of Stage One.

Learning points

The value of an organised method works irrespective of country or culture.