Lex Transfleet – Product Design and Planning (061)


Market sector withdrawal.


Lex Transfleet was a market leading commercial vehicle contract hire, rental and fleet management company. In 2005, the company was split and sold as part of the larger purchase of RAC plc by Aviva in 2005. Earlier, in 2003, the company reviewed its market strategy and decided to withdraw from the logistics segment over a two year period. The management team of the division were charged with designing and planning the withdrawal.

Issues / Challenges

Supporting the team to design a sensitive project.

Aims of the project

To help the team prepare for the withdrawal of its logistics operations over a two year period.

Measures implemented

We were engaged to support this process and help create the appropriate governance within the overall plan. We helped the team create a robust plan that included the necessary tasks to complete a very challenging project. We also worked with the team to create the project initiation document for Board sign off.


Following the project design and planning stage, Lex Transfleet exited the segment over the next two years as targeted.

Learning points

The value of strong planning at the beginning of a project.