Laurel Pub – EDI Transfer Project (055)


New supplier migrated onto Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.


The Laurel Pub Company was formed by the purchase of the Pub Division of Whitbread by Deutsche Bank in 2000. The business comprised 650 managed pubs and 1500 pub premises leased to independent managers. Deutsche Bank sold the group on in late 2004 but in between times, the central team had to disconnect from Whitbread suppliers, processes and systems, manage the sale of the leased estate and purchase of other small pub groups.

Issues / Challenges

  • Complexity and scale of the systems involved
  • Financial impact of problems at implementation

Aims of the project

As part of this work, Laurel changed its food supplier and they had to be migrated onto the EDI system so that circa 2000 invoices per week could be processed electronically. We were engaged to manage this process. The start point was to create the plan for making changes that affected the mainframe systems of Laurel and the supplier.

Measures implemented

Stuart brought together a small team drawn from the business and IT areas of both companies and he also managed the stakeholders.


The supplier was brought onto the EDI system on time and with an error rate within tolerance. It removed the manual processing from the administration centre that had been in place during the supplier changeover.

Learning points

The care and thoroughness required to ensure a successful migration in a very complex environment.