Internal Communications Company – SharePoint Intranet (025)


Manage the project and resources for implementing a SharePoint intranet system.


The company supports organisations with strategy and their soft and hard copy internal communications. We worked on their behalf to support the delivery of a SharePoint Intranet at one of their customers.

Issues / Challenges

Capability of SharePoint and managing customer expectations.

Aims of the project

To provide the company with a functioning ‘SharePoint’ intranet system. We were engaged to set up and resource the technical element of this project.

Measures implemented

  • Identified and selected a suitable freelance SharePoint developer
  • Documented business requirement, high level workshop for overall design and structure
  • Documented technical requirements
  • Designed and implemented a SharePoint Intranet
  • Technical testing completed
  • User Acceptance Testing planned and managed
  • Deployed to all users
  • Signed Off


Designed, built and implemented a visually appealing fully functioning intranet using the SharePoint platform. This was then used as the central forum for sharing and disseminating news and information.

Learning points

Reemphasised the importance of excellent interpersonal skills when collecting business requirements and managing expectations of what can be achieved on certain technical platforms.