EEDA – Reorganisation Support (057)


Support during reorganisations throughout the life of the organisation.


East of England Development Agency (EEDA) was one of nine English regional development agencies tasked with improving its region’s economic performance and ensuring the East of England remains one of the UK’s top performing regions.

The EEDA’s role evolved from its creation in 1999 and its organisation had to be developed to suit. This meant that the EEDA team had to be reconfigured every two years or so to ensure that the necessary skills were in place to deliver EEDA’s objectives.

Issues / Challenges

In each case, the reorganisation risked unsettling the team which could have impacted EEDA’s service delivery. The organisation was a public sector body and so any negative effects of the reorganisations could reach the public domain.

Aims of the project

In each case, the aim of the project was to design and consult on a revised organisation. Having agreed the design, it had to be implemented in line with EEDA’s HR policies.

Measures implemented

We supported this periodic review process by helping with organisational design, job descriptions, consultation process, approvals and the changes. The job description template was redesigned several times to ensure it fits with the competency framework that EEDA has developed.

The typical project steps were:

  • Structures drawn based on the senior team’s requirements
  • Draw up detailed proposal for the new structure including job descriptions for all staff
  • Present the final proposal to Resources Committee for approval
  • Make changes to existing staff roles as appropriate
  • Publish to staff and Joint Staff Council for consultation
  • Amend proposal based on relevant feedback
  • Advertise new roles and recruit into them


In each case the organisation changes were made with little impact on the ‘day job’.

Learning points

Thorough preparation, good quality project structures and clear job descriptions helped smooth what could have been  a sensitive and emotive process.